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The high level of preparation, the broad language skills and national and international experience distinguish the professional team of the Law firm Malimpensa

Eulalia Malimpensa

Founding & Managing Partner

Eulalia Malimpensa graduated with full marks thanks to an experimental thesis in commercial law entitled “Le azioni dematerializzate” (Uncertificated Shares), under the distinguished professor Giovanni Emanuele Colombo. She was admitted to the bar in 2006 and has worked as a Barrister for the Court of Cassation since 2019. She has acquired a sound understanding of civil and corporate issues, also thanks to Professor Colombo, consolidated over the years through her work for well-established practices and leading foreign firms in the English-speaking world, where her personal skills have been enhanced by international practice.

Eulalia Malimpensa has gained specific expertise in civil, commercial, corporate, bankruptcy and insolvency, industrial and labour law, which she applies in both litigation and out-of-court proceedings.

Eulalia Malimpensa is an expert in ordinary judicial proceedings concerning issues of a civil, commercial, corporate, bankruptcy and labour-related nature. She also offers expertise in ADR and national and international arbitration, whether ad hoc or administrated, as well as in mediation, conciliation and assisted negotiation procedures.

She provides professional assistance and consultancy to companies and industrial groups in her main areas of specialisation, in relation to national and international contracts, corporate governance and risk management.

As a member of Supervisory Bodies and Boards of Directors, she makes an independent professional contribution to the companies that place their trust in her work.

Since the start of her career, Eulalia Malimpensa has pursued extensive research and publishing activities alongside her legal work. In 2003, shortly after graduating, she was appointed Honorary Fellow in Commercial Law at the Cattolica University of Milan, a post she still holds, and has authored numerous academic publications.

She speaks Italian, English, German and French.

Elisa Marsotto


Elisa Marsotto graduated with full marks from the Law Faculty of Trento University, majoring in European and transnational law with a thesis in company law entitled “Fusioni transfrontaliere e tutela dei creditori” (Cross-border mergers and protection of creditors).

She attended a master’s program run by the AIGI (Italian Association of Corporate Lawyers) of Milan, earning the relevant degree in 2011. She also obtained an Altalex master’s in industrial property law in 2017.

Elisa Marsotto began working with Studio Legale Malimpensa in 2014, and has worked with Eulalia Malimpensa since 2011.

Her main areas of expertise are civil and contractual law, commercial and corporate law, as well as intellectual and industrial property law.

Elisa Marsotto has also gained specific experience and expertise in corporate consulting, especially for Italian companies operating both nationally and internationally.   An expert in compliance and privacy, she is a Privacy Officer certified by Federprivacy.

She speaks Italian, English and German. 

Roberta Cremona

Of Counsel

Roberta Cremona is a civil lawyer who graduated with full marks from the University of Milan with a thesis in commercial law entitled “I Profili civilistici dei contratti derivati di credito” (The civil-law aspects of credit derivative contracts), under supervisor Prof. Jaeger.

Thanks to her work at well-established and international law firms, she gained comprehensive training and experience in judicial and extra-judicial practice, consolidating her extensive preparation in assisting national and foreign clients. Subsequent freelance practice of the profession allowed her to focus on and refine her professional qualities and characteristics.

Roberta Cremona has twenty years of experience in civil law matters and a high level of technical and legal expertise.

She deals with litigation and consultancy in the fields of obligations and contracts, civil liability, real estate and property rights, inheritances, commercial, banking and financial law.

She has been Of Counsel to Studio Legale Malimpensa since 2023.

She speaks Italian, English and French.

Raffaele Ingrassia

Of Counsel

Raffaele Ingrassia earned his law degree from the University of Milan in the course of academic year 1998/1999 with a thesis in labour law and has specialised in this area since the beginning of his legal career. He is author of the blog Avvocato Raffaele Ingrassia Diritto del Lavoro (Attorney Raffaele Ingrassia, Labour Law) (

Raffaele Ingrassia chiefly works in the field of labour law, with particular regard to industrial and trade union relations. He has acquired specific expertise and considerable judicial and extra-judicial experience in labour and social security law (drafting of contracts for employed and outsourced workers, judicial litigation, administrative appeals against organisations, personnel management, trade union negotiations, individual and collective dismissals, transfer of enterprises and tender changes, workplace injuries and criminal labour law).

He speaks Italian and English.

Amalia Buzura

Born in Romania in 1995, Amalia Buzura graduated with honours thanks to a thesis in criminal procedure entitled “Le prove atipiche nel processo penale fra teoria e prassi” (Atypical evidence in criminal trials, from theory to practice) under supervisor Prof. Oliviero Mazza.

In academic year 2020-2021, she was admitted to the PhD course in Legal Sciences at the University of Milano-Bicocca and subsequently appointed associate lecturer in criminal procedure and the procedural aspects of corporate criminal liability.

She is the author of the following scientific publications:

  1. New forms of evidential atypicality with regard to investigative video recordings, in Archivio Penale, 2022, No. 1, Pages 1-22;
  2. Querela e costituzione di parte civile fra (in)fungibilità e disorientamenti applicativi (Lawsuits and civil action, from (in)fungibility to applicative disorientation), in Diritto di difesa, 2022, No. 3, pages 227-257;
  3. Il ricorso per cassazione fra autosufficienza e legalità processuale (Self-sufficiency and procedural legality in Court of Cassation appeals), 2023, No. 1, Pages 1-48.

Amalia Buzura passed the bar examination on 18 October 2023 and began working with Studio Legale Malimpensa in 2024.

She speaks fluent Italian, Romanian and English.

Maria Chiara Castoldi

Born in Milan in 1997, Maria Chiara Castoldi graduated from the University of Milan with full marks in October 2021, with a thesis in bankruptcy law entitled “Rapporti tra revocatoria e accertamento del passivo” (Ties between claw-back action and assessment of liabilities).

Maria Chiara completed an internship at the Specialised Business Section and Section IV of the Court of Milan and began working with Studio Legale Malimpensa in 2022.

Passionate about law and academics, she is dedicated to deepening her study of the firm’s main areas of expertise.

She speaks Italian and English.

Dott.ssa Lucia Dehò

Born in Monza in 1998, Lucia graduated with honours from the University of Milano-Bicocca in October 2022.

In November 2022, Lucia began an internship at the Court of Appeal of Milan, Criminal Section V, and started working with Studio Legale Malimpensa in 2023 to expand her knowledge of the civil law matters covered at the firm.

She speaks Italian and English.

Dott.ssa Agata Rosa Perticaro

Born in Castrovillari (CS) in 1998, Agata Rosa Perticaro graduated from the University of Siena with full marks in July 2023, with a thesis in comparative private law entitled “Profili giuridici dell’Open Banking: disciplina europea e spunti comparatistici” (Legal aspects of open banking: European regulations and comparative analysis).

A passionate scholar, she has already published three papers in the law journal

  • “La nozione di consumatore nei contratti a duplice scopo” (The notion of consumer in dual purpose contracts)
  • “È consumatore chi si affilia a un sistema di fidelizzazione” (Anyone who joins a loyalty system is a consumer)
  • “Aiuti di stato e libertà di stabilimento in relazione al rilascio di licenze di NCC” (State aid and freedom of establishment in relation to NCC minicab licensing)

Agata Rosa Perticaro began working with Studio Legale Malimpensa in November 2023.

She speaks Italian, English and Spanish.

Carla Zoppi


Law graduate Carla Zoppi supports our law firm with all administrative and general secretary duties.

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